About The Birch Bark Boys

True to their Canadian Roots, the Birch Bark Boys are travelling to every Province in Canada in 2017 spreading the Gospel of Jazz and Canoe. John Harrison ( A Traditional Canoe Builder and Musician) and Nate Robertson (A confident Jazz Drummer/Percussionist) are setting out on a Journey about Canada. John will be giving various Talks and Lectures about the Native Technology of the Birch Bark Canoe, immersed with music and Storytelling about the impact the Canoe has had on Canadians. The Birch Bark Boys will be travelling with a 10 foot Algonquin Canoe. From every Province an item will be harvested to complete the Canoe. Birch bark, Roots, Cedar or tree Resin will be gathered. Music will pave the road. Initially we are heading out west in February on the train, playing music for our tickets. We will also be Down East in April, Ontario for Canada Day, and Yukon/NWT for September. Social media will be a driving force with this campaign to build the Journey into a Cultural event. We need your support at various stepping stones along the way. Anyone can jump aboard. Craig Mainprize (Singer/Songwriter) has just joined the team. He brings a fresh Folk sound to the mix. Basically it's how to build a canoe - The Musical.